Hen/stag dos

Imagine planning the ultimate hen do for your bestie, and the pressure is on! No worries – Arts on Tap is here to make it a celebration she’ll cherish forever. Let us support you in curating a unique and memorable experience that perfectly suits the bride-to-be.

Paint and sip hen do

What we can offer

Hen Do Paint and Sip Party

Start the festivities with a fun and creative Paint and Sip Party, where the bride and her squad can bond over creating personalized masterpieces. It's the ideal way to kick off the celebration.

Bespoke Artwork

As an optional extra, we can craft a bespoke painting designed specifically for the occasion. Imagine a canvas that complements the hen do theme, adding an extra touch of personalization.

Nude Model or Nude Artwork Option

For an extra touch of excitement, consider adding a nude model or incorporating nude artwork into the hen do. It's a daring option that can add a playful and artistic element to the celebration.

Signature Hen Do Cocktails

Elevate the celebration with signature cocktails crafted by our skilled mixologist. A unique and delicious addition to the party.

Curated Playlist

Need help creating the perfect playlist? Our team can assist in putting together a musical selection that sets the right mood for the hen do.

Venue Assistance

Struggling to find the perfect venue? Let us connect you with one of our trusted partners to ensure the hen do has the ideal setting.

Our hen do packages are designed with flexibility, starting with the Hen Do Paint and Sip Party as the base and offering additional options like the Nude Model or Nude Artwork for those looking to add a daring twist. Don’t stress about the planning; Arts on Tap is your go-to partner for creating a hen do filled with laughter, joy, and unforgettable memories. Contact us now, and let’s make the bride’s celebration truly special!

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