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Time to plan the perfect team-building, where collaboration and creativity take center stage. Arts on Tap is here to guide you in curating an enriching experience that fosters teamwork and employee well-being.

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What we can offer

Corporate Paint and Sip Session

Kickstart the event with a team-building Paint and Sip session, fostering creativity and camaraderie as your team works together on personalized masterpieces.

Bespoke Artwork

As an optional extra, we can create a customized artwork aligned with your corporate identity, adding a unique touch to the team-building experience.

Ice Breakers

Add some extras and use our teams experience in organising ice breakers to facilitate connections among team members. These activities encourage open communication and team bonding.

Mindfulness and Well-Being Session

Integrate a mindfulness and well-being session into your event, highlighting the positive impact of creativity on mental health. Using creativity as a therapeutic means our team can lead you through mindfulness exercises that promote well being.

Additional Team-Building Activities

Elevate the experience with supplementary team-building activities designed to enhance collaboration and problem-solving skills. From collaborative art projects to interactive challenges, we offer a variety of options to suit your team's dynamics.

Venue Assistance

Struggling to find the perfect venue? Let us connect you with our trusted partners to ensure the team-building event has an ideal setting.

Our corporate team-building packages are designed with flexibility, starting with the Corporate Paint and Sip Session as the base and offering additional options such as Bespoke Artwork, Ice Breakers, Mindfulness Sessions, and other team-building activities. Arts on Tap is your go-to partner for creating a corporate event that promotes teamwork, creativity, and employee well-being. Contact us now, and let’s make your team-building experience truly impactful!

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