Children's party Events

Plan an unforgettable children’s party with Arts on Tap, where creativity and fun collide for an enchanting experience! Our team can crafti bespoke paintings featuring your child’s favorite characters or adorable animals, creating a personalised and magical atmosphere.

Children's party Events

What we can offer

Bespoke Kid-Friendly Paint Party

Immerse the little ones in a world of imagination with our bespoke painting sessions. Watch as parents and kids come together to paint cherished characters or adorable animals, fostering creativity and bonding.

Expert-Led Party Games

Our experienced team brings years of expertise in working with all age groups, ensuring the children are engaged with entertaining and age-appropriate games that leave lasting memories.

Quality Face Painting

After the artistic adventure, let our skilled artists transform the children with high-quality face painting. From whimsical designs to favorite characters, our face painting adds an extra layer of excitement to the celebration.

Non-Alcoholic Party Drinks

Elevate the party with a touch of sophistication! Our mixologist will design and pour non-alcoholic party drinks that are not only delicious but also add a special flair to the festivities.

Venue Assistance

Unsure about the perfect venue? Allow us to connect you with our trusted partners to ensure your children's party has the ideal setting.

Our children’s party packages are designed for ultimate joy and flexibility, starting with the Bespoke Kid-Friendly Paint Party as the core experience. Explore additional options such as Expert-Led Party Games, Quality Face Painting, and Non-Alcoholic Party Drinks. Arts on Tap is your partner in creating a celebration filled with creativity, laughter, and lasting memories. Contact us now, and let’s make your child’s party a magical event!

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